Blah Blah Blog.

I suppose I should start things off by introducing myself (hi, Cort Freeman) and thanking you for being bored enough that you decided to check out my site.  I welcome you to my private journal made public, a direct flight to my mind, video curation, and more.  It’s pretty much a storage bin for narcissism.  My last site/blog, Tainted Hero Comedy, was a lot of fun; however, I felt it was, like most blogs, too focused on criticism and negative feelings.  This go-round is going to be concentrated, instead, on expression.  I don’t want to call this a “blog” because of the negative stigma attached to blogs and bloggers (the blog-o-sphere is polluted with critics).  Instead of complaining and critiquing, I want to entertain, inform, and express.  Hence, I’ll be calling this a journal (I would say diary, but a journal is the same thing as a diary–only injected with testosterone).  

Twitter can be great for expressing humor and opinions, but it really constricts your thought process limiting yourself to 140 characters.  Always writing in short-term, I’m starting to realize, does indeed change the way you think.  Here, I can dive into subjects and get all of my thoughts out into the air.  I can be talk serious matters and be funny at the same time.  It’s a great medium to better understand the world and more importantly, myself.  So, thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more posts/videos/laughs in my blog diary journal.


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