Contributing Content

Hey, friends.  Lately, I’ve been expanding my #brand and contributing witty essays to the homies at  So, while most of my longer pieces will be submitted to them for publishing, I’m going to try to stay active on here with short stories and personal musings, as well.  Here are the links to the essays I’ve written for BroBible:

1.  To celebrate the release of Horrible Bosses 2, I share an anecdote of my own.  Life may not be a movie, but Horrible Bosses are all too real.

2. The best football played at the Big House this year was a Soccer Match.  Ouch.

3.  Technology is hard to keep up with, and it could turn around and bite you.

I’ll make sure to post links to the BB links on here as they’re put up.  Or, you could keep an eye on my BB Contributor page:


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