What It’s Like At A Trump Rally

Tonight, much of our attention will be on President Trump’s rally in Tulsa. Tension has been building for weeks, as the rally was originally scheduled on Juneteenth in the city where Black Wall Street took place. Not a good look. Was it planned this way on purpose? Or a mere coincidence? We may never know but thankfully, the date was changed to Saturday. In addition to the issue with the date of the rally, it’s important to remember we are still in a pandemic! Many states are just now seeing their highest daily counts for coronavirus cases, and this rally that’s being held indoors without social distancing with participants who refuse to wear masks coming in from all over the country to this, already, COVID hotspot is very likely to case more problems.

With so much focus on tonight’s rally, many people are wondering: what is it like inside one of these? Well, I’ve been there and the experience felt very cult-like. I was sent as a part of Mojo In The Morning, the Detroit radio show I was a featured player on at the time, and didn’t go as an official part of the media. I can’t recall what the big incident was around this time (March 2016) but it was when Trump was just starting to really focus on his point of the media being the enemy of the people. Several times throughout the evening Trump would later point out the media section in the back calling them “losers” and telling them how awful they are. The crowd would follow his lead and boo. That’s one of the things that really stands out looking back on the rally in 2016. These people were Loyal to their candidate. A theme that would continue for the next four years. I wasn’t really known on the show at the time, so I was able to go unrecognized at the rally. To note, I was also given a ridiculous Trump-insipired orange spray tan and Halloween wig and suit with a red tie and red Make Mojo Great Again hat. Before arriving I expected the crowd to take offense to the look as it was clearly over the top and mocking. However, they didn’t. They loved the get up. I took pictures with people and was treated like a VIP, even being invited to stand in the rafters directly behind Trump, where he would be giving his speech.

The crowd was more diverse than I had imagined. Mostly white, blue collar folk. But more diversity than I expected. A bulk of the crowd seemed to be made up of Young Republicans. High school aged kids with their red hats on and varsity jackets. I mingled with the crowd while we waited for the speeches and rally to start. I knew better than to introduce myself as media or from a radio show as that would clearly identify me as an enemy of the people. I chatted with people pretending to be a die hard fan, myself, so I could record some audio and get their thoughts on things. As a bit, I made up proposals that Candidate Trump wanted to accomplish if elected. Bogus, crazy proposals that nobody could believe. But they did. Listen on the SoundCloud link below.

Intern Jack Black (me) at the Trump Rally

While the crowd waited for Candidate Trump to come out music played over the loud speaker but it was tough to hear because the entire crowd was chanting “Built The Wall! Build The Wall! Build The Wall!” I felt like I was at church. That eery feeling when everyone is chanting in the same tone, lifeless, and robotic. They were all-in. We waited and waited as the chants continued. Maybe a lock her up thrown in there here and there as a curve ball. Candidate Trump was at least 30 minutes late. Then it happened. He walked out and the crowd erupted and out of the speakers they loudly played…Uptown Girl? That’s one of the main things I recall about that rally. Trump walked out to Uptown Girl. Surely, that couldn’t have been planned and was a result of him running late, but it stands out to me. Those around me didn’t find it as amusing when I pointed it out. It wasn’t long before he had his first person booted from the rally. Then another. A third shortly after. Is this my fate? Is there something I could yell? Is that what Mojo and crew are expecting me to do? No. I couldn’t get kicked out. I have perfect location directly behind Trump. Anybody looking at him sees me. Dressed as him. So, I started doing all the wild hand gestures he was doing. Mimicking him. I got some looks but the people never seemed to mind. This grew old after a little bit, so I took it further. I slowly started removing my suit. Layer by layer until I was standing behind him wearing nothing but my underwear, a blonde wig, and a red Make Mojo Great Again Hat. The entire crowd watching him, now saw me. It got noticed online and on the TV as it was being broadcast. I also noticed I now had the attention of two Secret Service agents at the end of our row. They were locked onto me. It became clear that they were waiting for me to streak. Ah streak! That’s what I could do! But, I didn’t want to get roughed up. So I stayed behind just stretching and mimicking him, nearly naked.

This was my experience in 2016. I am not in Tulsa. Thankfully. Be safe and careful out there and for the love of science please wear a mask.

Mingling with supporters at a Trump Rally in 2016


The Worst Episodes Of My Favorite Shows

This is a TV that likely doesn’t work because it is not plugged in. (Source: @sveninho)

It’s easy to name your favorite episodes of your favorite shows. It’s fun to share your thoughts with friends about the laughs that stand out and what makes that show superior to the others. But, have you ever challenged yourself to find your least favorite episode of your favorite program? Admittedly, it’s probably not as fun to talk about in your social circles (as much as I would enjoy it). So, today, I dove deep into my favorite shows and found my least favorite episodes.

The Office

Season 6 Episode 14 – “The Banker”

The Office is the show I never stop binging. I finish the Finale and then immediately restart with the Pilot, and the cycle continues. During these binges there’s only one episode I will skip past every time—The Banker (S06, E14).

Ugh, The Banker! The skid mark on an otherwise fantastic season complete with some of my favorite and classic episodes. This episode is basically just a clip show highlighting memories from previous seasons. Yes, it’s emotional and they did a good job with it, but it’s a major downer. It does brace you for the other major downers to follow (Nellie) but it’s completely skippable and I do every time. For the record: picking a least favorite episode after Season 7 is a cheap Busch League move.


Season 9 Episode 20 – “The Puerto Rican Day”

Speaking of making a Busch League pick, I had to follow up with Seinfeld. Everybody loves to rip on the Seinfeld Finale, largely for reasons I explained previously about Clip Shows. I get nobody wants a clip show, but for a finale, as they did in Seinfeld, I have no issue. Well, minimum issue. I think it worked! I liked them bringing back all the characters from previous episodes. Karma, Jerry! Karma! However, to find my least favorite episode, you don’t have to go far from there—The Puerto Rican Day.

There are many things that make “The Puerto Rican Day“ my least favorite episode of one of my least favorite shows. It’s offensive to man, first off. But the bigger issue is it wasn’t that funny. Not a lot of laughs. If you’re going to choose to be offensive, you better get some laughs out of it at least! (Don’t be offensive though, I’m not condoning that). It just fell short of every mark for me. And then was followed by clip shows and that Finale! Rough stretch to end the greatest show ever.

A last note, I pulled up a list of all the episodes season by season to do this making notes of which ones could be the least favorite, but upon landing on The Puerto Rican Day I knew it had to be that one. Then, while checking my work because I have no idea what the general population thinks is the worst episode (outside of the finale) and Variety wrote an article ALSO calling it the worst. I feel validated! I didn’t pick it because they did. No conformity going on! No ads! All my boring opinion. Eat Fresh.

South Park

Season 3 Episode 4 – Jakovasaurs

It’s hard to get my to bad talk South Park. I love that show and everything Trey and Matt touch (Orgazmo, BASEketball, etc). So believe it pains me to come on here and talk about my least favorite episode but…man, is it bad. My least favorite episode can be none other than—Jakovasaurs.

Holy annoying, Batman. I can’t sit through this episode, that alien dinosaur thing is way too obnoxious to handle. I can’t. Even thinking about this episode hurts my head. Why!? Why do that to us!?!

Family Guy

Season 12 Episode 02 – Vestigial Peter

Speaking of annoying, let’s talk about Peter’s little neck twin, Chip. Just when I was thinking no character on TV could be more annoying than the damn Jakovasaurs in comes motherloving Chip saying “hold my beer.” Ugh. I can’t make it through the episode! Too annoying. There are still laughs in the episode, granted, but I can’t voluntarily sit through that. Shut up, Meg? No, shut up, Chip.

That ‘70s Show

Season 4 Episode 24 – That ‘70s Musical

Finally, we’ve reached the ‘70s. This show has brought me many a laughs over the years. This could have been the hardest to pick a least favorite for. Of course, there’s the episode where Randy is introduced and all things go south from there. But I figured picking that would be cheap, as would any episode without Eric or Kelso so I had to make my final decision—That ‘70s Musical.

Personally, I wish they never did this. It’s cringeworthy. Feels like it goes on forever and ever with no end in sight. That moment could truly be worse than when we get introduced to Randy. As Red would put it “I wish I had a dozen feet so I could shove them in all the writers asses!”

That does it! Those are my least favorite episodes of my favorite shows. What are yours? Let me know on Twitter @CortFreeman