My Videos.

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A collection of comedy sketches, web series, and original music videos that I’ve made.

Snuck into a screening of Kung Fu Panda 3, pretending to be Jack Black, to give a speech and sign autographs for the kids.

Mojo in the Morning’s Flight to the North Pole

10 Reasons I Don’t Wear Ties- a quick vlog on why I prefer not to wear ties.
Campus Chowdown is back! I decided to dress up as Guy Fieri when Al and I took on Mt. Nacheesmo at Tios Mexican Cafe in Ann Arbor.

For the third episode of Campus Chowdown the wagons are wheelin’ at Western Michigan University for a shoot-out at high-noon against AFB Bar and Grill’s Bronco Challenge.
We return to East Lansing for the second episode of Campus Chowdown, where we hit up What Up Dawg? and face-off against their Big Dawg Challenge (9 specialty dawgs in only 20 minutes). Will we be Top Dawg? Or go down as little wienies? In the first episode of our web series “Campus Chowdown” we head to Conrad’s in East Lansing (MSU) to attempt to throwback 3 giant wraps each in 30 minutes. There’s a meeting for a 3K down at the Quad. A comedy sketch I wrote starring Al Karsten, Derek Davis, and myself.

In these busy times, it can be easy to forget a friend’s birthday. I get it. Some people don’t, though. Here’s a comedy sketch Al Karsten and I made on birthday faux pas.
Super Mallow ‘Mole Bowl. A comedy sketch I wrote for the Super Bowl. Stars AJ Hensen, Al Karsten, and myself. Another “Cort Short” sketch. I’m trying to enjoy a good read but my stoner neighbor won’t let me be. Looking Like Jack Black. A vlog of me telling a story about how while out filming with Comedy Central I was mistaken for Jack Black. Countless Corndogs. A gag reel from my short film, Squares in Circles. I ended up having to eat like, 6 corn dogs. Best shoot ever.
Sh*t Homeless People Don’t Say

Friday Night Partying


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