For The Vets

There’s a Veteran connection to every person and around the nation today we are showing our gratitude for everything our Veterans have done for us.

Americans are commemorating Veterans Day with parades, monument dedications, and other special  events.  Even businesses across the country are offering discounts and deals to show their support.

Starbucks is brewing free cups of G.I. Joe (thank you, here all week) for Vets along with active duty personnel and their spouses.  Veterans can, also, enjoy all-you-can-eat stacks of buttermilk pancakes for free at participating Denny’s.

More can always be done to help Veterans–whether it’s a donation, or simply lending an ear.  Today, find your own way to honor the Vets.  You could give your grandpa a call, just don’t get confused and thank your Veterinarian, not today.


Watch this piece air on Ch. 9& 10 in Northern Michigan tonight at 5!


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